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What Sets Us Apart....

The Key Bridge team is a group of experienced professionals who have deep knowledge and expertise.  With over 30 years of combined experience, you can leverage the Key Bridge team to drive results you didn't think were possible.


Key Bridge Partners exists to make hiring exceptional project consultants easy.  We do the hard work so you don't have to.  Our network of executive, and non-executive talent is unparalleled.    

Our experience spans dozens of years of driving hiring success in the ultra competitive fields of IT, Finance, and Office Operations.  Whether you're an executive transitioning or a millennial beginning a new journey, we can help.

501c3's, Federal Integrators, the Fortune 500, and Mid-Sized companies all have something to gain from leveraging the Key Bridge team. 

Some of what sets us apart......

Guaranteed Results

If a full-time consultant does not fully meet your expectations or voluntarily leaves, we work with you to understand what happened and work until a suitable replacement is provided. 

Thorough Process

We start our process with a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and goals, followed by customized research, target planning, interviewing, reference checking, complex sourcing techniques, and countless phone hours qualifying candidates, salary negotiation, and even counter offer and fear-of-change coaching when needed.  We go beyond than just matching individuals with job specifications.

24/7 Dedicated Account Management

The Dedicated Account Managers serve as your point of contact to ensure you receive consistent service.  They understand your needs and anticipate your concerns.  They provide monthly check-ins, answers, and any help needed to keep your contract labor working.  

Speed of Response

Given our national applicant database, extensive experience in recruitment, selection, testing and reference checking, tested recruiting process, strong senior recruiters, and effective working relationships and partnerships developed with recruiting and staffing companies, we provide a 24-48 hour turnaround time.

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